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Escape Room Maastricht


One room, one hour, one team, one possible escape. Make sure that with your team under time pressure, you manage to decipher the correct code of the door. An exciting outing in Maastricht


Lage Frontweg 2 A
6219 PD Maastricht
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The one and only Escape Game is now available to play for real in Maastricht! With your team, you will be placed in a room with its unique theme. From then on, the clock starts ticking and there is only one thing that matters: finding the way out within an hour!

You are required to utilize all your knowledge, skills, and talents to solve puzzles and uncover hidden clues. Only by working together effectively and performing under pressure will you be able to unravel all the hidden mysteries and crack the final code.


  • Daily from 09:00 to 23:00


  • €95.00